The Homosexual Agenda Revealed!

I re-read the sentence slowly, hoping it would make more sense this time around.

Organized homosexuality, with its belief in sex-for-its-own-sake, is an important Illuminati control mechanism.

Nope, still ridiculous.

Organized homosexuality? Do they mean the Pride parades? Or the many fine LGBT organizations that fight for our basic rights to live, work, and visit our partners in the hospital? I doubt it. The tone is much more frightened — and frightening.

I won’t link to this website — Google it if you must — but it also posits that George W. Bush is secretly gay and that all world leaders belong to a pagan Jewish Satanic sex cult. That in itself would be something of a stretch, but then the site claims that the cult led us all into

Illuminism, Communism, Freemasonry, Feminism, Zionism and “sexual liberation.”

Also the Holocaust.

Illuminati bankers are harvesting the fruit of their centuries-old plot to destroy Christian Civilization and trap humanity on an eternal treadmill of greed, sex, violence, trivia and political correctness.


If queer folk are secretly controlling the world, how come we can’t get married? Why are we still targets of violence? If feminism is a worldwide conspiracy with inordinate power, why do women still earn so much less than men? If a secret cabal of socialists is in charge, how did we end up in a huge economic crisis caused by greedy capitalist bankers?

And if middle-aged white “Christian” men are so desperately disenfranchised, why isn’t the rest of the world like Berkeley?

Homosexual Agenda

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