#Amazonfail — Amazon Rank Stinks

Amazon apparently had the bright idea of removing sales rankings from many queer books — a category that includes classics such as James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room and Heather Has Two Mommies, as well as LGBT-themed romances and books about Harvey Milk.

So who cares about sales rankings? The Amazon sales rank determines how a book shows up on a search. If your book doesn’t show up, nobody can buy it.

See here what happened when someone searched on the term “homosexuality” during #amazonfail.

Yes, The Mistress Manual is involved in Amazonfail. The print edition, that is. The Kindle edition is still ranked. And that rankles.

In addition to many queer-themed books, Amazon stripped the rank from some books of art photography of nudes. And some feminist books on sexuality, including mine. And even a book on sex for disabled people.

On the other hand, the Gor books are still ranked. Henry Miller is ranked, but not Anais Nin.

Do you see an agenda here?

The storm of protest overwhelmed the servers at Twitter and PW. And Amazon has just screwed themselves with a great many people who buy books.

Now Amazon is calling it a glitch. But it can’t possibly be. For one thing, the policy was admitted in writing by a customer-service rep. (For whom I feel the most profound sympathy.) It also started back in February.

Amazon has made a lot of money from me over the years–from my links, from selling my books to others, and from all the things I buy there. Not any more. I think some of that needs to change.

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