Jay Wiseman’s Breath Play Seminar

This is on the Society of Janus calendar:

Wednesday, April 1 2009
7:01pm – 10:01pm

Extreme Breath Play: a Hands-On Workshop

Extreme Breath Play: a Hands-On Workshop

WHEN: April 1, 2009 7-10 pm

WHERE: Location disclosed after registration

COST: $20

Do you like to play on the edge? Do you like kisses that go on and on and on until you can’t breathe? Does the idea of being choked make you so wet your knees are dripping? Do you get harder as your partner turns bluer?

Join Jay for a very special celebration of erotic asphyxiation. Learn how to get your partner to that very special edge, techniques for getting to unconsciousness, and seven surefire tricks for disposing of the body.

Learn about the vagus nerve and how to safely play with it, how to totally mitigate any risks from heavy carotid play, and how repeated use of extreme judo-holds can lead to heart stopping orgasms.

Due to the advanced nature of this material, legal releases will need to be signed and notarized before class. Bring your own partner or practice dummy. Registration is limited to six participants and their victims.

Contact Jay Wisemat for registration and location details.

Be warned–the date is April 1.

(For those who don’t know Jay except as the author of SM101 and many other books: he is a tireless campaigner against breath play, which can turn lethal in an instant. He’s also got a sense of humor.)

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