Savagely Average and Other Kinks

Is there such a thing as a normal woman fetish?

Sadly, my unending lust for women in their natural state is in fact considered a special interest now, if not exactly a fetish.  By “natural state” I don’t mean naked, although naked is good. I mean that their noses, lips, breasts, bellies, and pussies haven’t been sliced, suctioned, trimmed, stuffed, and otherwise remodeled by a plastic surgeon. I also prefer my women with their natural body hair, despite the Dommely pleasure I take in lathering and shaving someone else’s pubic hair.

Of course, once I’ve got my hands on a woman, what I do with her is also normal … for me.  Forced orgasms. Flogging. Hot wax and ice. Clamps on nipples, dildos in ass and cunt, and my tongue on her clitoris, all at once.

That’s normal, right?

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