Packing the Toybag

Percussion Toys

A weight-lifter’s glove (pads the palm while leaving the fingers free — makes for very thuddy spanking and lets me hit as hard as I like while doing no damage)
Vampire gloves (yes, I use these spiky leather gloves for percussion)
Two sizes of small rubber flogger
One squid (a kind of flogger made of weird bumpy red stuff)
Two paddles: one bloodwood, one birch with large evil holes
Half a dozen plastic, Delrin, and Lucite canes in sizes from 1/16th inch to 1.5 inches

An Entire Plastic Shoebox Filled with Insertion Toys

Three butt plugs in different shapes and sizes
Two purple jelly dildos in Holmesian sizes
Various other dildos ranging from 5 to 14 inches
Various strap-on harnesses
A hundred-dollar double-ended dildo designed for penetration of both partners at once
Lots of lube
A lot of condoms

Edged Toys

Scalpel handle and a dozen blades
Two Wartenburg wheels
A folding knife
A small, beautiful skinning knife (gift of Redmage)
Two lethally sharp daggers

Bondage Equipment

Two pairs of cuffs
Bond Voyage (a set of straps specifically for adding attachment points to mattresses, wherever you may be)
An array of assorted straps, tie-downs, carabineers, snap bolts, quick links, and other hardware

Miscellaneous Goodies

A bag of clips and clamps
A paraffin candle and lighter
The usual bandages, EMT shears, Neosporin, sharps container, etc.

I didn’t pack the long canes, any of the leather floggers or cats, any of the leather straps, the needles, the wooden hairbrush, the abrasion toys, the CBT toys, blindfolds, rope. . . . really, I was most abstemious. Really.

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