Love Is in the Air–And It Stinks

For all those June brides: The Jennifer Wilbanks Runaway Bride Wedding Kit!

You can also buy a Jennifer Wilbanks action figure and even hot sauce.

Now, you all know that I am in favor of any kind of consensual sex. Still, I am bemused by some of the antics of the religious right. Their culture of life seems a bit twisted. For example, the love that dare not bray its name: “When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule.” And other bizarre sex habits of the religious right.

Now he sets Federal policy on women’s reproductive rights. “[My husband the far-right Baptist gynecologist] would say, ‘Oh, I didn’t mean to have anal sex with you; I can’t feel the difference,'” Davis recalls incredulously. “And I would say, ‘Well then, you’re in the wrong business.'” . . . She even let Hager pay her for sex that she wouldn’t have otherwise engaged in–for example, $2,000 for oral sex, “though that didn’t happen very often because I hated doing it so much. So though it was more painful, I would let him sodomize me, and he would leave a check on the dresser,” Davis admitted to me with some embarrassment. This exchange took place almost weekly for several years.

Patriarchy gone wild: “He did it so we would be better women.”

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