Live Nude Safety Notes

It had been ages since I had a chance to play with a boy. It’s been only twice in the past three years, both times co-Topping a seriously masochistic guysub who belonged to a friend. Somehow that’s different, though. Karen assisted me in various ways. Very satisfying. If you heard reports of unidentified screams, moans, thuds, and mad cackles of glee, now you know why.

My friend was a lovely guy, deeply responsive to pain and pleasure. I like that a lot. Excellent first scene, and I’m hoping to play with him again sometime. An ongoing Domme/sub relationship is not in the cards, but a deeper friendship certainly seems to be.

I was really pleased to see that he had set up a safe call. If ever one was unnecessary, you’d think this would be the time: we’re both well known in the scene, we have a lot of friends in common, we’ve known each other (online and off) for nearly a decade, we’ve had non-play dinners together, and we both have excellent reputations as safe, careful players. BUT — this was a first play date, and a safe call is an essential precaution. It’s good to know that your play partner holds to the basic safety rules.

So many guysubs think they’re invulnerable, or that a girl couldn’t really hurt them. Well, when a woman has you tied up and holds a knife to your cock, it doesn’t matter that you’re ten inches taller than she is, or that you have a black belt in karate. What matters is that you can’t move and she has a weapon. Of course, when I do that I’m just having fun, but how the hell does a stranger know that my idea of fun doesn’t extend to castration?

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