Teasers from “Broken Silences”

For obvious reasons, I can’t post “Broken Silences,” my story for Dreaming in Color. But I though I would live up to my reputation as a sadist and post a few teasers. These lines from the story may give you something to think about.

I like to drive my badge of ownership into flesh.

I stepped closer and slid my thigh between his, pressing irresistibly against his bound cock and balls. I lifted my knee a little, just enough to hurt, and said, “You wouldn’t want that, would you, love?”

I wanted him helpless before he could think about what I was doing.

The struggle isn’t just between my will and the submissive’s, or between pleasure and pain. Some of it is in me.

“I will not give an order you cannot obey. You can do this, love. For me.”

I fought the urge to hurt him faster, harder, more. I wanted to break him, but not all the way.

“I can’t. . . . I’ve never done that in front of a woman.”

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