Raelyn Gallina stricken with aggressive breast cancer


We are a group of devoted friends of Raelyn Gallina and wish to inform you of what is happening in her life right now. As Raelyn is a beloved, very well known member of the piercing/SM/art/spiritual and other communities, we know that many folks all over the country will want to know this important news.
Upon the day Raelyn returned home from her Mother’s funeral in September, she was diagnosed with the rarest, deadliest form of breast cancer. She had to start chemotherapy immediately. On December 8th, she had a double mastectomy. After that, she will have more hemotherapy and start radiation treatments five days a week for many months. Raelyn is just 49 years old, and has always been extremely healthy, energetic and powerful, so this comes as a huge shock.

The good news is that Raelyn has a chance of getting through all this, as the cancer seems to have been caught in time. Her devoted partner of ten years, Babs is by her side every step of the way and of enormous help and comfort. (Babs’ beloved brother died just before Thanksgiving.) This is all terrifying and exhausting, but the gals are still managing to keep their spirits up most of the time.

Raelyn has been a pioneer of the body modification movement since 1982; the first to make 18k gold body jewelry, inventor of the fishtail labrette, and an innovator of scarification. She touched and adorned many as she brought her magic all around the country over the years. Her focus was always on the spiritual, and on generously sharing the wealth of her knowledge with others and showing us how to do body modifications safely, pleasurably, and meaningfully in numerous demos, workshops, and
presentations. Being a Santeria priestess, over the years Raelyn has ministered to many of us with problems, and given us so much of her love, which has trickled down throughout our communities. Her strong faith and spirituality have been an enormous source of strength and support.

We would like to ask you for your prayers and good wishes for Raelyn right now. Visualize her having the strength to withstand and survive her cancer treatments. See her in good health, send her love, cards and letters of support.

Financially things are very rough for Raelyn and Babs right now. Raelyn has been too sick to work much. She didn’t have health insurance or savings due to the bad economy, being a freelancer, and living in the expensive bay area. Babs cleans houses for a living, and has had to cancel a lot of work to nurse and help Raelyn. They won’t be able to make much money for at least the next seven or eight months. They need our financial help so they don’t lose their home, to cover living expenses and health care needs. We urge you to send financial gifts. Organize benefits in your town. Send whatever you can. Show Raelyn we love her, and want to keep her around! Show them we are the great community and friends we say we are!

You can send a donation through Pay Pal.
https:www.paypal.com raelynlove@sbcglobal.net
Or send directly to:
Raelyn Gallina (and Babs)
P.O.BOX 20034
Oakland, CA 94620.
You can check on Raelyn’s progress at a web site that Babs set up at:
Thank you,
Annie Sprinkle, SF
Cathy Opie, LA
Kate Bornstein and Barbara Carrellas, NY
Idexa and Black and Blue Tattoo, SF
Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence, SF
Kim Airs and Grand Opening, Boston & LA
John Weis, NY
Sharrin Spector & Pierce/Ink, SJ, CA
Lolita, NY
Fakir Musafar and Cleo DuBois, SF
Midori, SF
Peg Preble, Boston
Ketti Neil, Phil.
Lamar Van Dyke, Seattle
Wickie Stamps, SF
Glenda Rider & Sarah Humble & Playhouse Studios, Balt.

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