Fat Sex Survey

From the smart and sexy Hanne Blank:

From my cat-strewn office, high above the steaming jungles of Baltimore, I bring good tidings!

I’m writing a new Big Big Love! Ten Speed Press has asked me to do so, and they’ll be bringing it out in 2011 sometime. As some of you know, the original BBL has been out of print for a while, and in any event, it’s 10 years old now — how time does zoom along! — so it’s a great time for a ground-up makeover of the whole shebang.

That’s where y’all come in. As I did for the first Big Big Love, I’m eager to have as many diverse reflections of the sexual experiences of fat people and those who desire them in the book as I can get. I’m also keen to represent the real lived experiences of people of all sizes of large. So, just as I did for the first one, I’m asking as many people as possible to fill out a survey.

Last time, I did the survey via e-mail. This time, we’re doing it on the Intertubes!


It’s a fairly lengthy survey, for which I apologize, but since there are really no other good sources for information on sexuality and fatness, I beg your indulgence and your assistance. And since there are no better sources anywhere for this kind of information than you lovely people your own wonderful selves, I do hope you’ll take the survey if you feel it applies to you and that you will pass it on to your friends and your loved ones so they can take it too.

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