Ethical Underwear?

Got this in e-mail from Jay Wiseman:

Well, as I imagine many of you have heard, Greenery Press is going through an exceptionally rough time. In brief, our main distributor went bankrupt and left us with a huge hole in our cash flow. We need help.

The press is offering some special sales on its books, but there’s something else going on. Two “something else” items, actually.

The first item is that it’s now possible to buy t-shirts, coffee cups, mouse pads, tote bags, and other items that relate to Greenery Press books. It’s even possible to buy “ethical slut” underwear! In addition to the above, items that relate to Greenery Press as a whole will likely soon be available. These items are interesting, unique, and fun, and picking up a few helps us more than you may know.

The second item is that a whole bunch of the Greenery Press authors, including me, have agreed to contribute a royalty-free short story or other work to a special hard-bound volume that will be called “Dreaming In Color.” This will be a fabulous book and only 500 will be printed. Right now, we’re giving people a chance to pre-order their copy.

For the full story on all of the above, please go to the Greenery Press website at, of course, and all will be explained.

It looks like the company is going to pull through this, but we’re a long way from out of the woods yet.

Please feel free to forward this to appropriate lists.

You may know Jay Wiseman as the author of SM 101 and The Erotic Bondage Handbook. I knew him first as an author whose work I admired and relied on. Jay, Lady Green, Pat Callifia, Larry Townsend, and I were among the first people publishing how-to books on BDSM. Then we knew each other from the kinky message boards on AOL. (This is many years ago; they are long gone.) I always admired his direct, no-nonsense approach to kink, and we e-mailed occasionally. Finally, after I brought my books over to Greenery Press, we met in person. I was at the Greenery booth at Folsom Street Faire when a tall man with long hair and a beard flung himself at my feet, kowtowing. That was Jay. Since then we’ve been friends as well as colleagues.

I sent in my story for the new collection a few days ago, and I am still fanning myself. It’s been a long time since I wrote anything that was FemDomme/guysub in orientation, and I really let myself go. If I had had time, it could have turned into a novel. As it is, it includes all kinds of interesting little kinks, from chastity to CBT to caning to watersports. If you want to read it, your only chance is to get the new anthology.

Dreaming in Color Table of Contents

Swordplay – Deborah Addington (A Hand in the Bush, Fantasy Made Flesh)
Lovely Vistas – Charles Anders (The Lazy Crossdresser)
Triangle – Miranda Austin (Phone Sex)
Daring: The Biography of a Kiss – Joseph W. Bean (Flogging)
Patron of the Arts – Andrew Conway (The Bullwhip Book)
Theory of the Big Bang: Introducing the Corps de Valets – Dossie Easton (The New Bottoming Book, The New Topping Book, The Ethical
Slut, When Someone You Love Is Kinky)

The Captain¹s Gaze – Tammy Jo Eckhart ( Justice)
Pain – Janet Hardy (a lot of stuff)
Tony¹s Dad – Sal Iacopelli ( Love, Sal)
Broken Silences – Lorelei (The Mistress Manual, A Charm School for Sissy Maids)
Love Rain Down On Me – Magdalene Meretrix (Turning Pro)
Three Poems – Midori (The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage)
Two Poems – Michael Moran (Erotic Tickling)
How It All Began – Jack Rinella (Partners In Power: Living In Kinky Relationships)
In the Corner – M.R. Strict (Intimate Invasion: The Erotic Ins and Outs of Enema Play)
Two Poems – A.H. Swinburne (Bottom Lines)
Blunted Affect – John Warren (The Loving Dominant; Safe, Sane,Consensual and Fun; Murder At Roissy)
Liberation – James Williams (… But I Know What You Want)

Convince Me – Jay Wiseman (SM 101, Jay Wiseman¹s Erotic Bondage Handbook, Tricks… To Please a Woman)

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