Brooks Applications Closing Sale

I saw this on FetLife and wanted to share. Looks like there are some great bargains out there on top-quality stuff.

Brooks Applications closes in 21 days.

JenniferBrooks started this discussion 43 minutes ago

Spanking friends, and Brooks Applications closes in 21 days! Don’t miss out on my incredible going out of the spanking business sale. When I close, that is the end folks. It is gone forever.

I am retiring from the spanking business and closing down my company, Brooks Applications and Last day is March 31, 2009. Everything is on sale at close out prices, including streaming movie time, DVD’s, Spanking Magazines and VHS tapes. PAL VHS tapes too (for our European friends). Visit soon and grab yourself some spanking treasures at rock bottom prices!

SPANKING DVD’s only $17.50 (Half Price! Reg. $35 each)

SPANKING VHS TAPES $10! (super cheap, reg. $35 each!)

SPANKING MAGAZINES $5 (almost FREE! Regular price $15!) (Never to be re-printed, these will be collector’s items!)

STREAMING VIDEO TIME—-prices slashed until March 31st! Lowest prices ever offered to view spanking movies on your computer.

I also have some of my spanking movies on DVD Download, check my site for more details.

I do have a special request for my spanking friends who spend a lot of time on the Internet and know their way around the web :) I don’t visit many spanking sites, almost no blogs and very few forums. I would be so appreciative if any and all of you would forward on the news of my retirement to other spanking places you visit or come across.

As many of you know, my spanking career goes back to 1989, and Brooks Applications has been in business since 1991. Almost 20 years, it feels really, really weird to be closing. I can’t even begin to describe it.

I know how much fun it is to get great things you would love to have on sale at super low prices, so enjoy yourselves as you shop my site. I will miss you all when I am gone! And just a reminder, you can always order by phone or FAX with your credit card (numbers below), or send checks, money orders, cash, or your credit card information to me at the address listed below. Whatever is easier for you! I also have PAYPAL. Email me for information on using PAYPAL.

Best wishes, Jennifer Brooks xoxo

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