ANNOUNCEMENT: Radical Kink Zine needs writers!

“B O U N D T O S T R U G G L E”
Call For Submissions Deadline February 1, 2004

PURPOSE: To create a `zine that brings together the words of a diverse group of practitioners of both kink and radical politics

*Does radical politics inform how you do kink?
Has kink taught you ways to be a better activist or political thinker? Can the non-physical mechanics of kink (ideas of consent, etc.) effect the nitty-gritty mechanics of an action bloc? Do conscientious notions of environmentalism, anti-sexism, -racism, -ableism, -ageism, -classism, -genderism, etc. figure into the negotiating process of your scenes or relationships? How do you talk about power?

*Where do these ideas meet action and how do they affect our lives? I am collecting submissions that address these and related topics.

Y E S: personal essays, comics, theoretical works, poetry, comics; serious, funny, sexually explicit, fabulous, unfinished; clearly drawn art due to cheap copy machines
NO: grocery lists of anecdotes, using others’ names without their consent, photos (sorry)
PLEASE: questions you may not have the answers to, analyses you can’t talk about in class, thoughts about power and sex that get more complicated the more they are dissected, turning readers on with your brilliance

Simon Strikeback c/o IDA
904 Vickers Hollow Rd
Dowelltown, TN 37059
Email articles as attachments, please. Also email or write with questions!

If you frequent an info shop, coffee shop, sex shop, book shop, anywhere that may post a call for submissions of this nature, thank you in advance for printing up this flyer and posting it!

Sounds good to me–I may want to put something together for them.

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