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Today we will conclude our discussion on sexual ethics by looking at the topic of homosexuality. Unfortunately there won’t be time for me to go through the reading on masturbation with you. That’s just something you’ll have to do yourself.

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Not Even a Bicycle Built for Two

Anonymous: You can’t have a bicycle. You can have either a homocycle or a heterocycle. bisexual-community: Ha! LOL I really prefer a vehicle that can go both ways. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit…

“She was a war veteran, and she’s been living her life and has been recognized as a woman for over 38 years. For the federal government to say, ‘You are not legally female’ was just so insulting at a time when she was already grieving the loss of her husband,” says Dru Levasseur, national director of the Transgender Rights Project for Lambda Legal, which took up Asti’s case in June 2013.

Adding to Asti’s argument: Her legal documents – from her Social Security card, to her passport, to her federal taxes, to her pilot’s license – had long reflected her legal status as female. Even so, none of it was enough to convince the Social Security Administration, which originally denied her survivor’s benefits because the agency claimed she was male at the time the couple wed in 2004.

Robina Asti Wins an Important Legal Battle for Transgender Couples – World War II, Real People Stories :


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