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On Display

Cover of On Display, erotic stories of queer BDSM by Lorelei Powers

On Display gathers passionate stories of desire, dominance, and sensation between strong women and the men and women who love them. It’s queer FemDomme erotica for people who crave the raw, sweaty, compelling reality of BDSM, as written by a lifestyle Mistress as skilled with her pen as she is with a cane.

Leap Day: One day out of time, one night when forbidden lovers can fulfill their fantasies.

Scars: Two women defeat old wounds to come together in passion and pleasure.

The Awakening: The classic domestic discipline tale of a Mad Men–era lawyer and his strict Austrian war bride.

Sleepover: The same women, the same house, the same bed, 25 years later. Can it ever be the same again?

Night Visits: Two lovers find new ways to make love after a fearful accident leaves them disabled.

Broken Silences: What happens when a Domme pushes her sub to breaking point? Using canes, CBT, and even more extreme play, this Domme wants to take her guysub further than he has ever been—physically and emotionally.

On Display: An arrogant young artist learns more than art from a famous French sculptor and her beautiful protegee.

From fisting to domestic discipline, bondage to erotic mind control, Lorelei Powers tells her stories with honesty, sensuality, and first-person experience of just exactly how it feels to play hard and put everything—body and soul—on the line.

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The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl’s Guide to Female Dominance


This underground classic is still the most effective presentation of how a woman can explore and express her desire for sexual Dominance over a man. Its clear explanations of the elements of Dominance and the patterns of male fantasy make it easy for any woman to put on a great scene — and have a great time doing it.

Although geared to the beginning couple, The Mistress Manual also includes psychological insights and techniques that may be of use to the more experienced player of any gender or orientation.

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Strict Accountability, Part 1 (e-book)

The job opening at the Firm has everything Heather could want: prestige, great pay, exciting work, wonderful colleagues. But when she discovers that regular spankings are a condition of employment — for everyone from CEO to newest hire — will she turn tail and run–or bend over and take what’s coming to her? This exciting story of corporate discipline is just the beginning of a new series. Keep an eye out for the next episode of Strict Accountability, set at a company where spanking is the secret of success.

A Charm School for Sissy Maids (e-book)

Perfect Service in Thirty Days!

This complete training program will transform you into a winsome, fetching sissy maid. Its unique daily-submission format teaches the proper way to curtsy, to serve tea, to perform all the services of a Lady’s maid, to care for your Lady’s lingerie, and to attend to her most personal needs and desires. Learn how to please—and attract—a demanding Mistress to serve and obey. Of course, once she has inspected your work, you may expect some discipline-or reward. A panty cocktail? Or something even more deliciously embarrassing? A Charm School for Sissy Maids is also a useful guide for the Mistress training her submissive. Full of fresh ideas for devilish discipline and delightful services, this guide will provide just the structured approach your sissy submissive longs for-and it may give you new ideas for keeping him firmly under your well-manicured thumb!