About Mistress Lorelei

waterhouse-mermaidThis is the journal of a bisexual polyamorous sadist and Domme. I’m not going to be pulling any punches, either. This is the real thing — not impossible fantasies. I do this stuff in real life. I live this lifestyle every day.

Which is not to say my life is a non-stop flogfest. I also work (I’m a freelance writer and editor), live with other people, drive and brush my teeth and do all the usual things most people do. And I intend to show you those aspects of myself as well.

I’m Lorelei Powers, AKA Mistress Lorelei and MsLorelei. I am the author of The Mistress Manual and The Charm School for Sissy Maids, as well as various other pieces on BDSM.

Mostly, I want to share my explorations with you. My own sexuality. My kinky experiences. My thoughts about the links between BDSM and the other issues I care about. And I welcome your responses.

What Does Lorelei Mean? And How Do You Pronounce It?

It’s pronounced LOR-eh-lye.

Your Mistress was named for the Lorelei, Germany’s famous siren of the Rhine River. Legend tells us that the seductive music of sirens and mermaids lures sailors to their doom.